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haven't done one of these in a while..

001. name: Jackie
002. nicknames: the only one i'm willing to put is nibbles haha
003. sex: yes, please
004. birthday: may 2nd
005. star sign: taurus
006. place of birth: here.
007. current residence: rvc, nigga.
008. hair colour: brown, with little blond bits still there
009. eye color: brown
010. height: 5'3, mothafucka. i grew.
011. writing hand: righty

Body ills and skills
012. do you bite your nails: occasionally
013. can you roll your tongue: yup yup
014. can you raise one eyebrow at a time: yahuh
016. can you blow smoke rings: occasionally
017. can you blow spit bubbles: yahuh!
018. can you cross your eyes: yup yup
019. colored hair: it's happened.
020. tattoos and where : none yet =o(
021. piercing and where: i don't have many left, but the current ones are a 14 gauge and a 10 gauge in one ear, and then a 2 gauge in the other
022. do you make your bed daily: never!
023. what goes on first undershirt/bra or underwear: depends... i'd say mostly underwear first though
024. which shoe goes on first: right
025. speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone: i'm sure i have
026. how much money is usually in your wallet?: $117 mothafucka
027. what jewelry do you wear 24/7: bracelets and 2 necklaces
028. what's sexiest on a guy: ON him? nothing
029. what's sexiest on a girl: clothes that cover at least MOST of them...
030: Would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great: on time and look ok, can't opt for much more than that lol
031. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: some weird combination of the two
032. how many cereals are in your cabinet: uhh somewhere between 4 and 10 i'm guessing
033. what utensils do you use eating pizza: my hands, mothafucka
034. do you cook: only when i have to... usually i try to avoid setting the house on fire.

035. how often do you brush your teeth: um, every day?
036. how often do you shower/bathe: whenever i get around to it
037. how long do these showers last: depends if i have time or not
038. hair drying method: towel/air?
039. do you paint your nails: occasionally
040. do you swear: fuck no.
041. do you mumble to yourself: no, i speak loud enough for myself to hear
042. do you spit in public: i'm a smoker, of course i spit
043. do you pee in the shower: when you gotta go... but i try to avoid it, that's kinda icky
044. whats in your cd player: i don't know, my cd player is still at mitch's house
045. person you talk most on the phone with: mitch, easy
046. what color is your bedroom: uh, blue
047. do you use an alarm clock: yahuh, those iHome things are the SHIT
048. name one thing or person you're obsessed with: mitch
049. have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex: nah... not yet at least
050. ever sunbathed in the nude: hahaha only partly
051. window seat or aisle: window
052. what's your sleeping position: whatever's comfortable
053. what kind of bed do you like: my aunt and uncle's bed. mmmmmm. <3
054. in hot weather do you use a blanket: i put it on but usually end up kicking it off in my sleep
055. do you snore: i don't think so...
056. do you sleepwalk: nah
057. do you talk in your sleep: apparently i occasionally mumble to myself... but that's rare.
058. do you sleep with a stuffed animal: just that huge doggie mitch gave me =o)
059. how about the light on: fuck that
060. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: i can't fall asleep in front of the tv. unless i'm at mitch's house.

Last time you:
061. had sex: when i went up to albany last sunday
062. were kissed: when we dropped mitch off at albany on monday
063. watched bambi: um... that's a good question.
064. cried: uhhhhhh... -shrugs- probably sometime within the past few weeks-month
065. talked on the phone: like a half hour ago
066. read a book: i'm always reading... i'm a nerd, you got a problem?
067. punched someone: the last time i saw an out of state license plate lol

068. is music important to you: it's less important than it used to be, but i still needs it
069. do you sing?: of course. just not well.
070. what instruments do you play?: i dropped 'em all this year, but it WAS... piano, violin, guitar, sax, and a wittle bit of bass.
071. what do you think of Eminem: he goes from funny to being a douchebag depending on the song.

Do you like:
072. pop music: only if it's really bad
073. rock music: well that's vauge. but yeah.
074. punk music: hell yeah
075. rap music: depends
076. hip-Hop/RB: again, depends
077. country: i can dig it, but not for long periods at a time
078. jazz: i love it, but don't listen to it regularly
079. classical: same as jazz
080. new age: feh
081. what is one band/singer you like that no one has heard of?: i live for 33 west... but no one really knows them... especially since they're kind of... done.
082. favorite lyrics: currently? "The life i lead is the life of a dog, i may have fleas but i run our yard. i ain't no slave to a suit and a tie, no rat race clone, i'll never be that guy. i ain't caught up in some selfish career, i'm living in love lord and not in fear. i see them clones looking down on me, but unlike those clones, i, man, is free."

A - Act your age: never. either younger or older. depending.
B - Born on what day of the week: ya know, that's a good question
C - Chore you hate: any?
D - Dad's name? Joel
E - Essential makeup item? i don't consider makeup to be "essential" but i do like my eyeliner
F - Favorite actor? uh, i dunno?
G - Gold or silver? silver
H - Hometown? rvc... ew
I - Instruments you play? we went over this
J - Job title? spiderman
K - Kids? none?
L - Living arrangements? nuclear family. mom, dad, 2 bros
M - Mom's name? Kim
N - Number of people you've kissed? uh, somewhere between 25 and 30
O - Overnight hospital stays? just when i was born. and this time in vietnam that i got sick.
P - Phobia? used to be clowns... funny how that turned out. but feet freak me out still.
Q - Quote you like? i already typed it out, you can go scroll up and re-read it if you care so much
R - Religion? agnostic
T - Time you wake up? anywhere between 8 and 11
U - Unique habit? none, really
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? bussel sprouts... ew.
W - Worst habit? smoking
X - Xena Warrior Princess!: scares me in a wow-you're-kinda-creepy way
Y - Yummy food you make? um... JELLO!
Z - Zodiac Sign? GAH i'm a fucking TAURUS. stop repeating yourself.

well that was a waste.
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