checkered_asian (checkered_asian) wrote,

so i'm leaving in like 2 and a half hours for vietnam.

i just spent the last hour or two on the phone with mitch. i really am going to miss him so much.

i actually went to therapy a few days ago, and he had my dad come in. and he said to my dad's face something along the lines of "yeah to be honest, she's probably not going to miss you guys. but she sure is going to miss her boyfriend." haha. oh dr. briglio. you never cease to amuse me.

two and a half weeks. 17 days. and i have no clue what to expect. absolutely none. my dad says this is brave. i remind him there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. he pretends not to hear me.

so keith visited me today, finally. i missed him so much. and i'm so glad i got to see him happy again. it feels like it's been forever. we smoked a blunt with mitch n luca, and he bought this ipod from me. so while i'm in 'nam i'll have a few bills to spend. i could probably bring like $5 and be set there. but hey. maybe i'll bring $20 and be loaded. -shrugs- whatever.

i wanna get some ridiculously cheap cigarettes there. imagine that? like a carton for $5. i don't really know if that's how much it is, but that's probably what it'll be like. oh, man.

anyway, i think i'm going to go to sleep so i can stop thinking about how much i'm going to miss mitch.

the kid's such a cheeseball, even if he gets his cheesier shit from the computer.
(babe, if you're reading this, thank you, it's sweet, but i'd rather have it in your words.)

and ya know? i really love that kid.

i mean i really do.

and it's pretty fuckin' sick.
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