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alright, i'm sorry i haven't posted those cds just yet, turns out there were like 10 other places we tried to sell em, and it also turns out that everytime we show up at CD island again, they buy more. fucking freaks. haha anyways, today's probably the last day we try selling 'em out to the real world, i still have a bulging backpack full, so the ones that are left, i'll bring home today and i'll list 'em. i'm sorry this is taking so long, kiddies.

in other news, i have $75 for the first time in a long time, and it feels real nice.

i'm also officially not grounded anymore as of today.

and i'm trying oxy's for the first time today.

and then smoking some nice buds.

and spending the whole day with mitch.

except for at like 6, which is when i'm going to a met game.

ie: today has a lot of promise. i hope it's not lying.
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